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income tax calculation sheet for salaried individuals FY 2015-16 AY 2016-17

How to calculate income tax on salary in India 2015-2016 free | Income tax calculation sheet for salaried individuals FY 2015-16 AY 2016-17| Income Tax Calculator for FY 2015-16 and AY 2016-17

Individual Male, Female and Senior Citizen Tax payers , Income Tax Calculation for Men and Women and Salaried Employees and people
  • Calculate your Taxable Income by taking into account income from all sources viz. Salary and Allowances, House Property, Capital Gains, Income from other sources, Agriculture Income etc. You can also include income chargeable at Special Rate for computing the Taxable Income.
  • Calculate deductions available from the Taxable Income under various Sections of Income Tax Act
  • Calculate Income Tax and Education Cess Payable with slab-wise details of Income and Income Tax payable.
  • Calculate Income net of Income Tax Liability

Income Tax and Taxable Income Calculator for AY 2016-17 (FY 2015-16)

First of you have to know the latest income tax slabs for 2012-2013.

    RATES FOR TAX CALCULATION  ( In case of Male )
 1UPTO 2,00,000   NIL
 2FROM 2,00,001 TO 5,00,000   10%
 3FROM 5,00,001 TO 10,00,000   20%
 4FROM 10,00,001 ONWARDS     30%

Tax Calcu. for MALE -Tax free Amt. Rs.200000 FY:2012-2013
X = Gross Total income (Regular)
Y = LESS: Deductions U/Chapter IV-A (80C Etc.,)
Z = Net Total income after 80C deduction-To be taxed @ slab rates
000,000 = TAX @ 0% Income Exempt from Tax on 200,000
000,000 = Tax @10% between 2 to 5.0 lakhs on 000,000
000,000 = Tax @20% between 5 to 10Lakhs on 000,000
000,000 = Tax @30% on >10 lakhs on Rs. 000,000
000,000 = Tax Payable on Net Income X
K = ADD: Education cess @ 3% on tax. 000,000
K = Net Total Tax Payable.
Sample income Tax Calculation Sheet: Demonstration

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Income tax efiling assessment year FY 2014-15 (AY) 2015-16

Income tax efiling assessment year FY 2014-15  (AY) 2015-16

The Central Board of Direct Taxes extended the due date for income tax efiling returns from 31-July-2015 to 31-August-2015 for the for Assessment Year 2015-16.

Please refer this link for How to File Income Tax Returns Online


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