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Incometaxindiaefiling gov 26as tax credit statement online fy 2014-15

How to View incometaxindiaefiling gov 26as tax credit statement online financial year 2014-15 |how to view tax credit statement 26as without registration

According to Income Tax Department , Government of India , Form 26AS is a TAX Credit Statement which is an Annual Consolidate Tax Statement which is provided to income tax payer or assessee . It contains information on TDS ( TAX DEDUCTED AT SOURCE) and TCS( TAX COLLECTED AT SOURCE).Also it include information about Advance TAX and Self Assessment TAX  paid by the TAX PAYER and refund details if any for an assessment year.

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How to view the Tax Credit Statement ( FORM 26AS) Online for FY 2014-15

Income TAX Department has provided an excellent facility to all its tax payers to view the TAX credit statement online and also the TAX Payment Statement can be easily viewed by just login into in income tax government website.  The can verify FORM 26AS Tax credit statement before filing any income tax returns.  

You can view the FORM 26AS or TAX Credit Statement online by just following 3 Simple and easy steps.

Step1: Login to income tax government website

Step2: Go to My Account under my account and click on select "View TAX Credit Statement".

Step3: You have to complete some basic verification and then you can download the statement.

Other way : You can directly go to  and enter the required details like PAN Number/ Deductor PAN Number and access you Tax Credit Statement.

how to view 26as tax credit statement
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You can select required Assessment year and Download the document in PDF/HTML or Word format. To open the PDF file , you have to enter the password which is your Date of Birth in ddmmyyyy format.

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